Which Position Scores The Most Goals In Hockey?

When it comes to hockey forwards are the position that is going to score the most goals. When breaking down forwards into left-wing, center, and right-wing there is no clear position that scores more than the others.

2020 Goal Leaders

Though one would think that one of these positions would score the majority of the goals these forward positions are incredibly equal.

To check out which position scores the most goals we checked out the ten top scorers in 2020. Of the top ten goal scorers in the 2020 NHL season there were five centers, three left wingers, and two right wingers.

This gives centers the slight edge in scoring more goals, but since we are looking at more than just one year we also check out the top NHL goal scorers of all time.

Top Goal Scorers All Time

The number one goal scorer of all time is of course Wayne Gretzky who played the center position in hockey. But upon looking at the rest of the top scorers we noticed a different trend.

Gordie Howe is second in goals, Howe played right-wing throughout his career with the Detroit Red Wings. Third on the list is Jaromir Jagr, Jagr played right wing throughout his journeyman career in the NHL.

Right behind Gordie Howe is Alexander Ovechkin who will pass Howe on this list shortly after writing this. Ovechkin has scored his goals playing on the left-wing.

The fifth all-time goal scorer in NHL history is American Brett Hull. Hull played right wing throughout his NHL career.

This means of the top goal scorers all-time one played center, three played right wing, and one played left wing.

As you can see this is the opposite of the top goal scorers in 2020 as it was primarily centers followed by left wingers.

Was we took from this was that when it comes to forward positions there is not a ton of variation when it comes to goal scoring. Goalscorers in hockey are goal scorers and regardless of what forward position they play they are likely to keep putting the puck in the back of the net.

Why Wingers Score Goals In Hockey

One of the reasons players on the wing score a lot of goals in hockey is due to their shots. When coming in on a rush wingers are usually going to be the players on the outside of the rush.

Oftentimes this is going to present them a good opportunity for a shot or one timer. If the puck is passed over to the winger he will have a chance to shoot on net before the goalie is able to adjust to his angle.

This is why you will often find that wingers are the players with the best shot on the team.

A great example of this is Alex Ovechkin, if you watch a Washington Capitals game you will find him setting up in the same location on the wing looking to beat the goalie with a hard accurate shot.

Why Centers Score Goals In Hockey

Centers are often put in this position on the ice because they are some best all-around players on the roster. These players tend to excel at both the defensive side and offensive side of the ice.

This often results in the players being put in the center position being the best on the team. If you are incredibly skilled in all facets of hockey then it only makes sense to play the center position and take faceoffs too.

This is why you will often find that the top goal-scoring centers are the best players in the league. When it comes to the most goals all-time the leading center is Wayne Greztky.

When we looked into the goal scoring leaders in 2020 it was center Connor Mcdavid that led the league. These players score goals at the center position but do not score due to being in the center position.

In other words, centers often score goals because this position has a knack for attracting the best players on the team.

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