When Can You Wear A Hockey Jersey?

Of the major four sports hockey jerseys tend to be the ones you rarely see out in public. For this reason, many hockey fans wonder whether or not they can wear their hockey jerseys casually.

In our opinion, unless it is a formal gathering such as a funeral or a wedding then you should be able to wear your hockey jersey just about any time you want to.

That being said not everyone is comfortable wearing their hockey jersey everywhere. That’s why we are going to break down the best times to wear your hockey jersey out of the house.

Best Places To Wear Your Hockey Jersey


If you are a skier or a snowboarder wearing you hockey jersey skiing is a great way to get some use out of it.

A jersey is never going to be enough to keep you warm on the hills but using it as the final layer is a great way to add a little more flair to your skiing outfit.

If you ski at just about any Canadian ski resort you will notice there is a large number of people wearing hockey jerseys as they enjoy the hills.

If you have a signed jersey or one that you want to keep in perfect condition this may not be the best activity. If you happen to bail while wearing your jersey there is a chance you could see some wear and tear.

Outdoor Rinks

Outdoor rinks are probably the best place there is when it comes to wearing your hockey jersey. It looks great on the ice and you get a chance to play some hockey while wearing it.

Since you are playing hockey it is likely these are one of the few public places where everyone will know the team you’re supporting and likely the player on your jersey as well.

Since most people playing hockey are hockey fans you are likely to get a few compliments from fellow fans as well as a few jabs from rivals. Not to mention smaller details like wearing an A on your jersey is more likely to be noticed in these settings.

Wearing your jersey on an outdoor rink also looks great in photos if that is something that you want you are interested in.

On Game Day

If you are looking to wear your hockey jersey out and about more often one great way of doing that is putting it on for game.

Keeping the jersey on for the day allows you to get more use out of it all while making the game even more exciting.

If you feel nervous about wearing the jersey in public you can simply tell anyone that asks that they have a game that night.

This sort of tradition is a great way to add casual jersey usage into your weekly routine.

Street Hockey

Playing street hockey is another situation in which wearing a hockey jersey can be fun. Similar to outdoor rinks most people playing road hockey are going to be familiar with your jersey.

The risk that the jersey may get damaged are present but this is fairly rare when playing street hockey.

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