What Is Lettuce In Hockey?

Lettuce in hockey refers to a players hair. In the game of hockey almost every body part is covered by equipment, one of the few things a player can show off is his or her hair.

In recent years hair or “lettuce” has become a huge part of being a hockey player. If you want to look cool on the ice then having some nice lettuce is just about the best way to do it.

One reason that hair has become such a popular accessory for hockey players is the Minnesota State All Hockey Hair Team.

Each year the Minnesota high school hockey teams gather for a tournament to determine the state champion. To start the tournament players are called by name to introduce the lineup. The kicker is the players get skate from the red line to the blue line without their helmet.

This means that these players get a chance to show off their lettuce. The lettuce of these players was so entertaining that a yearly video was created on the best hair in the tournament.

These videos went viral every year giving even more focus to lettuce in the hockey world. And since the Minnesota high school players knew about the videos the hair on these athletes got better and better.

Lettuce vs Flow

Two common terms that can get mixed up in hockey is lettuce and flow. Between terms like chiclets, grocery stick and clapper hockey slang can get confusing. Both terms refer to the hair of a hockey player, but flow specifically refers to the hair that comes out the back of a helmet.

As we stated earlier in hockey almost every part of your body is covered by equipment. In order to show off your hair as a player your are going to have to grow it long enough so that it comes out the back of your helmet.

When long enough your hair should start to “flow” out of your helmet. This is different from the term lettuce which refers to nice hockey hair in general.

In the NHL some players will go through warmups without a helmet on, these players would have a chance to show off their lettuce even if it is not long enough to come out the back of their helmet.

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