What Is A Point Streak In Hockey

Have you ever been watching a hockey game and noticed the announcer refer to players being on a point streak. This term is only one item on the long list of hockey slang but man hockey fans aren’t sure what it means.

A point streak in hockey refers to a streak of consecutive games while getting at least one goal or assist. For example if a player is able to get a point in two consecutive games then they are on a two game point streak.

Both goals and assists are included in point streaks. This means if a player is able to score a goal or provide an assist the point streak will continue.

Additionally, a point streak can sometimes be used in the context of a team earning points. This is less common than being used as a term to describe a single players statistics.

What Is The Longest Point Streak In Hockey?

The longest NHL point streak of all time is held by none other than Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky’s point NHL point streak record lasted a total of 51 games. During those fifty-one games Gretzky scored 61 goals and added 92 assists for a total of 153 points.

The second-longest point streak belongs to Mario Lemieux who managed to keep his going for 46 games. Both the third and fourth positions on the list belong to Wayne Greztky as well who also put together point streaks of 39 and 30 games.

Point Streaks For Teams

On top of using a point streak to describe a players performance, this term can also be sued to describe the results of a team. If a team earn points towards their position in the standings then a their point streak starts.

This streak will continue until a game results in the team earning zero points. In the NHL a team will need a regulation loss in order to lose their point streak.

A win in the NHL is worth two points while a loss in overtime or shootout is worth a single point. There for to lose a point streak as a team you will need a regulation loss as this is the only outcome that results in zero points for your team.

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