What Is A Players Only Meeting In Hockey?

A players only meeting in hockey is a meeting that does not include coaches, assistants, or team personnel only the players on the team are included in this meeting. The purpose of these meetings is to allow a chance for teammates to communicate without the presence of their coaches.

Professional hockey seasons can be long and sometimes getting reamed out by the same coach for the tenth time isn’t going to due the trick.

When this happens a teams captain may organize a players only meeting in order to get things sorted. During these meetings, players will have a chance speak openly about what they think the problem is with the team.

Whether it is something to do with their system, a specific player or the effort of the team, players will have a chance to air out their grievances.

In some situations, these meetings will be less about all players speaking and more about the captain or assistant captains sending the team a message.

It is not uncommon for teams to improve dramatically after hosting a players only meeting during the season.

Why Do Teams Hold Players Only Meetings

Now that you understand what a players only meeting is you may be wondering what leads teams to having these meetings.

Losing Streak

One of the most common reasons a team will host one of these meetings is because they are on a losing skid. When a team continues to lose games it can be difficult for the coach to keep them motivated.

If the coach continues to give them the same speech and the results stay the same the team is going to have to look for other options.

This is when the team captain will come in and organize something like a players only meeting. This will not necessarily stop the losing streak but it will allow the players to clear their minds and potentially change their motivation for the next game.

Tension In The Lockerroom

Another reason that a players only meeting may be called is because of tension in the locker room. When things are going poorly for a hockey team the atmosphere of the locker room can change quickly.

If the captain begins to notice the teams morale going downhill a meeting with only the players can be a great way to get it sorted.

Oftentimes this will give the players a chance to talk honestly with one another without the coaching staff listening in. If your teammate to tells you you need to step it up you are more likely to take it to heart than if it comes from a coach that has been telling you the same thing for the whole season.

This sort of meeting can also cut through the tension and allow players to ask questions or clear the air on matters they haven’t had a chance to express.

Lack Of Effort From The Players

One more reason this type of meeting may be called is if the players are not giving enough effort on the ice. In most cases the coaching staff will have already spoken to the team about their lack of effort in the games.

But if this doesn’t work it is often up to the captain to get things sorted. If your fellow teammate and captain hosts a meeting to tell you that you aren’t playing hard enough you are likely to listen.

These sorts of meetings don’t feel like a scolding from a coach but more so a motivating speech from someone on your level.

These sorts of meetings are used in many proffessional sports to fix this exact problem.

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