What Is A One Timer In Hockey?

Have you ever been watching a hockey game and heard an announcer use the term one-timer? This hockey term is used often despite it not being known by many newer hockey fans. This article is going break down what this term means plus why one timers are often used in ice hockey.

A one-timer in hockey is a play in which one player passes to another who then immediately slapshots the puck towards the net. In other words, this play occurs when a player slapshots the puck as his first touch as opposed to receiving the pass and then taking a shot.

Why Are One Timers Used In Hockey?

Now that you know what the term one timer means in hockey you may be wondering why this strategy is used. After all wouldn’t it make more sense to collect the pass and shoot it comfortably instead of shooting it right away?

Below we will break down the benefits of using a one-timer in hockey.

Beating The Goalie

One of the main reasons that one-timers are utilized by hockey players is because they make it more difficult on the goalie. In most cases, one timers occur when a pass is made from one side of the net to the other.

This means in most cases, one player will be left of the net while the other will be right of the net. In these situations, the goalie is going to have to come across the crease in order to block the one-timer shot.

By switching sides of the net quickly it’s going to make the goalie’s job a lot harder. This way the goalie will have to move across the net and block the shot immediately. If a player were to possess the puck and then shoot it would give the goalie more time to prepare to make the save.

Finding A Shooting Lane

Another reason one-timers are used in hockey is so that a player can find a shooting lane. Stay at home defensemen and backchecking forwards are going to be trying their best to get in the way of your shot.

The one-timer makes this job a lot harder the defenseman will struggle to block that shooting lane fast enough to stop your shot.

A great example of this can be seen on a two on one. In this play, the defenseman will often attempt to block the puck carrier’s shooting lane as well as the pass to the other forward.

If the players are able to pass the puck for a one-timer there is no way for the lone defenseman to get across fast enough and block the shot.

Increased Shot Power

The final reason that a player may use a one timer is that it actually makes your shot more powerful. Believe it or not but having a puck passed to a player will allow them to shoot it even faster towards the opponents net.

To understand this better simply think about baseball. When a player bunts a ball without moving his bat forward the ball will still travel forward. And if a player hits a baseball off a tee it does not go as far as it does when it is thrown towards the player.

This same logic can be applied to hockey. When a puck is passed toward a player he will be able to shoot the puck at a faster speed more it more difficult for the goalie to stop.

This increased shot speed also increases the chances of a big rebound as a one timer off of the goalies pad could potentially end up on a teammate’s stick in a scoring position.

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