What Is A Chirp In Hockey

A chirp in hockey refers to an insult used in the game of hockey.

Chirping is a big part of hockey and is done in just about every game.

You will often notice during a hockey game players will come together after the whistle to trade a few words.

This is also why you may notice players bringing their gloves up to their mouth to remove their mouth guard after the whistle.

It can be difficult to effectively chirp an opponent with a mouthful of rubber which is why players will often remove their mouthguards before they start chirping.

In most cases, chirping is going to take place on the ice but it can happen off the ice as well.

After a whistle players will often crowd around the goalie and get a few choice words in. It is during this time that players will also shove each other around and maybe even work in a face wash with their gloves.

The hash marks are another area where chirping often takes place. When a face-off is being taken in hockey the wingers will line up on the hash marks. 

Their close proximity to one another before the face-off means that chirping will often take place.

In post-game pressers or interviews, players are also known to get some chirps in.

Comments referring to brad Marchand as a rat would be a good example of chirping taking place off the ice in hockey.

Why do players chirp in hockey

One of the main reasons why players chirp in hockey is to get into their opponent’s heads. 

It is a common tactic in hockey and has been used in many sports over the years. Throwing your opponent off their game mentally can potentially have a large impact on the game itself.

Another reason players chirp in hockey is to send a message to the opposing team. The game of hockey can be dangerous and on some occasions, players will need to send a message to the other team to get them to back off.

Small skill players or positional players like goalies are examples of players that may need to be protected in hockey.

If a larger player in the opposing team comes into contact with one of these players in a dirty way then they can expect a few choice words from the receipients teammates.

In most cases, one of the larger players on the team is going to come to their smaller teammates aid.

This will usually result in a verbal warning being given to the offending player.

The final reason that players may chirp each other in hockey is to instigate a fight.

Fighting has always been a part of hockey and continues to be a great way to motivate the team.

When looking to start a fight chirping is usually the first step. You will almost always see players exchange a few words before throwing their gloves off.

This concludes our guide on what chirping is in hockey. If you have any more questions regarding this topic please leave a comment or reach out through our contact us page.

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