What Is A Celly In Hockey

To some, hockey players and fans seem to speak in a different language than the rest of the world. One of the terms can leave people confused is “celly”.

The term celly in hockey simply means celebration, specifically referring to celebrations after scoring a goal or winning a game.

In most cases, a celly is going to include a few players hugging and congratulating each other on the goal scored. But on some occasions, cellies can get a little more theatrical.

A great example of this can be seen with Ovechkin’s hot stick celly. In this play, Ovechkin scored his fiftieth goal of the season. He then celebrated by pretending his stick was too hot to pick up after scoring the goal.

Though when it comes to celebrating after winning a game of hockey the celly is going to look a little different. After winning a hockey game the goalie is almost always the player that the team will gravitate to.

Instead of celebrating in the offensive zone teams will skate back towards their own net to congratulate their goalie on the win.

Can You Be Penalized For A Celly?

In the other major sports leagues such as the NFL getting fined or penalized for a celebration is almost a weekly occurrence.

But when it comes to hockey it is extremely rare for players to get in trouble based on their celebration. That being said there are still rules regarding celebrations in hockey.

The main penalty you will see assessed for an excessive celly is unsportsmanlike conduct. This penalty is going to assess based on the referee’s discretion. This means it is up to the ref to decide whether or not a penalty is deserved rather than a specific rule being broken.

Though on some occasions a celly can earn a player a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on top of a ten minute misdconduct penalty. These situations are incredibly rare but they do happen from time to time.

One example of this came in 2011 when Artem Anisimov cellied a little too hard in a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Anisimov decided to hold his stick as if it was a gun and point it at the opposing team’s players as if he was shooting them. The opposing team took exception to this and immediately went after Anisimov.

Situations like this are quite rare in hockey which is why there is no specific penalties for taunting as you would see in the NFL.

So in short yes you can be penalized for a celly but it has to be noticeably over the line for the referees to take notice and dish out a penalty.

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