What Is Lettuce In Hockey?


Lettuce in hockey refers to a players hair. In the game of hockey almost every body part is covered by equipment, one of the few things a player can show off is his or her hair. In recent years hair or “lettuce” has become a huge part of being a hockey player. If you want … Read more

What Does GP Mean In Hockey


GP in hockey means games played, it is a statistic kept both for teams and individual players. GP for players will help you determine how many games a player has played in his career or a specific season. While GP in the standings is going to show you how many games each team has played … Read more

What Is An Intermission In Hockey?

An intermission in hockey is a short break taken between periods. There are two intermissions in a hockey game. One between the first and second period and the other between the second and the third period. If a game goes to overtime there will be an additional intermission in the game. If you are wondering … Read more

Why Do Hockey Coaches Wear Suits?

Have you ever been watching a hockey game on television and wondered why the coaches always wear suits? If so you are not alone, most fans are aware that suits are worn in hockey but many don’t know why that is. The answer to this question depends on which coach you ask but in most … Read more