What Is A Dangle In Hockey


A dangle in hockey refers to a skill move that allows the puck carrier to get past an opposing player or goaltender. Dangles in hockey are the same as a deke. In most cases, a dangle is going to include a move that will trick the opponent into thinking he is going somewhere else. As … Read more

What Is A Chirp In Hockey

what is a chirp

A chirp in hockey refers to an insult used in the game of hockey. Chirping is a big part of hockey and is done in just about every game. You will often notice during a hockey game players will come together after the whistle to trade a few words. This is also why you may … Read more

What Is A Players Only Meeting In Hockey?

players only meeting

A players only meeting in hockey is a meeting that does not include coaches, assistants, or team personnel only the players on the team are included in this meeting. The purpose of these meetings is to allow a chance for teammates to communicate without the presence of their coaches. Professional hockey seasons can be long … Read more

What Does Waffle Boarded In Hockey?


The term waffle boarded in hockey refers to a goalie making a save with their blocker. The name waffleboarding came from the old-timey goalie blockers that looked similar to a waffle board. The term waffleboard in hockey is not incredibly common but its use in a few NHL video games has left many fans wondering … Read more

What Are The Hash Marks In Hockey?


The hash marks in hockey refer to the red parallel lines on the outside the faceoff circles. Hash marks are located on the faceoff circles in both the offensive and defensive zones. Hash marks are not used in the faceoff areas in the neutral zone. The purpose of hashmarks in hockey is to mark where … Read more

What Is The Point In Hockey?

the point

The point in hockey refers to the area of the ice inside the oppositions blue line near the boards. Defensemen are the players that are usually going to occupy this area of the ice. When their team is in possession of the puck they will stay in this position in order to keep the puck … Read more

What Is A Forecheck In Hockey


A forecheck in hockey is a strategy teams use in the offensive zone in order to pressure the opposing team to give up the puck. When a team possesses the puck in their own defensive zone it is common for the opposing team to send their forwards to pressure the puck carrier. This pressure is … Read more

What Does AAV Mean In Hockey?

aav hokcey

When following the game of hockey there are numerous acronyms and slang words you will come across. Trouble is after a while it can be tough to remember what each one means. This article is going to breakdown the term AAV in hockey this way you will know what everyone is talking about come free … Read more

What Is A Wagon In Hockey?


Hockey terminology can be tough to keep up with and with new terms being created each year some of us are going to need a little help. That’s why we’ve written this article to break down exactly what the term wagon means in hockey. The term wagon in hockey means a team is very good … Read more