What Is Beer League In Hockey

what is beer league

If you have played hockey throughout your life then you have likely heard the term beer league. This level of hockey is not the most competitive but it allows older players to keep enjoying the game they love. Beer league hockey is a lower competition recreational hockey league meant for players that have aged out … Read more

What Is A Taxi Squad In Hockey?

taxi squad

Taxi squads in hockey are players that travel and practice with the team despite not being on the active roster. These players can be called up to play in a game when needed. Previously taxi squads only consisted of one or two-players per team. After the covid pandemic taxi squads became a large topic in … Read more

What Is A Shutout In Hockey

what is a shutout

Have you ever been watching a hockey game and heard the term “shutout” used? This hockey terminology is quite common in the game yet many fans do not know what it means. A shutout in hockey is a goaltending statistic that is given to a goalie if he or she does not concede a single … Read more

What Is A One Timer In Hockey?

one timer

Have you ever been watching a hockey game and heard an announcer use the term one-timer? This hockey term is used often despite it not being known by many newer hockey fans. This article is going break down what this term means plus why one timers are often used in ice hockey. A one-timer in … Read more