What Is A Backcheck In Hockey

backcheck hockey

A backcheck in hockey refers to a forward skating back into his defensive zone in order to stop the opposing teams attack. In hockey, all forwards are expected to backcheck on any given play. In most cases, the defenders are each going to pick up a forward to cover. The center will then backcheck and … Read more

What Is An Odd Man Rush In Hockey?

odd man rush

An odd man rush in hockey refers to an offensive rush in which the offensive players outnumber the defensive players. In hockey, this usually means that three forwards are moving in on two defensemen or two forwards are rushing towards a single defenseman. The reason this is called an odd-man rush is that the number … Read more

What Is A Playmaker In Hockey


A playmaker in hockey is a player that specializes in passing and setting up goals for his teammates. Oftentimes a playmaker can be seen as the quarterback of a hockey team. These players are often able to see passing opportunities that other players may miss. By the end of the season you should find that … Read more

What Is A Sniper In Hockey?

what is a sniper

If you have been around the game of hockey for a while you have likely heard the term sniper. The term sniper in hockey refers to a player that has a knack for scoring goals. These types of players have a skill set that is primarily suited for putting pucks in the back of the … Read more

What Is The Sin Bin In Hockey

sin bin

The Sin Bin in hockey refers to area in which players must sit when they commit a penalty. The term sin bin is used as a funny synonym for the penalty box. In hockey when a player commits a penalty, they will be sent to the penalty box for several minutes. There are a large … Read more

What Does Pinch Mean In Hockey?

pinch in hockey

A pinch in hockey refers to a play in which a defenseman skates further into the offensive zone in order to keep pressure on the opposing team. In most cases, pinches are going to occur when a defenseman on the blue line jumps into the play in order to achieve/maintain possession of the puck. Pinching … Read more