What is a scrum in hockey?


A scrum in hockey occurs when a group of players come together after the whistle and rough each other up. Scrums typically include pushing, facewashes and occasionally fights. When a scrum occurs in hockey is it assumed that all ten skaters on the ice are going to get involved. Generally, each player on the ice … Read more

What Is The Teddy Bear Toss In Hockey?

teddy bear toss hockey

The Teddy bear toss in hockey is an event in which fans bring teddy bears to throw onto the ice when the home team scores their first goal. The stuffed animals are then collected and given out to local charities and hospitals. Teddy bear toss games will be largely advertised to the public ahead of … Read more

What Is Lettuce In Hockey?


Lettuce in hockey refers to a players hair. In the game of hockey almost every body part is covered by equipment, one of the few things a player can show off is his or her hair. In recent years hair or “lettuce” has become a huge part of being a hockey player. If you want … Read more

What Is A Plumber In Hockey


A plumber in hockey refers to a player that is not the most skilled on the team yet does the dirty work in the corners. Plumbers are also referred to as grinders and tend to hold their spot on the roster through their work ethic. These are the sorts of players that can be relied … Read more

What Is A Clapper In Hockey


A clapper in hockey is another term for a slapshot, in most cases a powerful slapshot. The term clapper in hockey is quite popular and is even used by colour commentators when performing a play by play of the game. The term clapper is believed to have come from the clapping together of the stick … Read more